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2017 UIA-PHG International Student & Young Architect Competition



The past decade has witnessed dramatic changes in many facets of the human society, especially in the healthcare industry. New concepts, new technologies, and new services are emerging everyday. These changes fundamentally altered people’s perceptions of healthcare, their lifestyles, and the ways of healthcare utilization.


In this competition, we would argue that the future of healthcare facilities could be predictable. Therefore, we would like to invite you to provide innovative proposals that may deal with significant future challenges: e.g., how to make use of limited resources? How to incorporate new technologies? How to meet the healthcare needs of the fast-growing aging population? How to reduce costs? In the next 15 or 30 years, how would healthcare facilities look like? How does the future design reflect the everlasting meaning of culture and tradition? These are important issues awaiting serious discussion.



This competition is to increase the awareness of undergoing transitions of healthcare systems and services, encourage the young generation to actively engage in healthcare design, and sparkle the discussion on future facilities.



To design a healthcare facility that can fulfill the needs of users and providers in the future. Interested topics include but are not limited to:

  • Response to limited resources in developing countries

  • Application of new technologies and materials

  • Smart facility

  • Green and sustainability

  • New approach to healthcare services

  • Any topic with futuristic prospects of healthcare environment


“Healthcare facilities” in this competition are defined as places that can provide services such as diagnosis, treatment and medical care, and therapies such as rehabilitation and counseling.


UIA-PHG is a work group of UIA. The 2017 UIA-PHG International Competition is supervised by the UIA General Secretariat and the UIA Commission for International Competitions, and complies with the UIA-UNESCO regulations.

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