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The organization of the PHG consists of a Director, Official Members, Associate Members, and Emeritus Members.

Originally all members had to be registered as architects in their home counties. For many years the UIA has made an effort to integrate the engineers as well, which is the case in many countries already: This trend is especially important for the Work Programme “Public Health”. No health care facility can be built without the contribution of so many engineers and specialist.

All members have a voting right in the annual meeting of the UIA PHG.

The Director is appointed by the UIA General Assembly for a period of three years. The Director must be nominated by the federation of architects (national organization from where an official letter has to be obtained) of his/her country and a curriculum vitae is required.

The Executive members are appointed by the Director. They are the contact persons for the UIA regions and they support the Director in matters concerning the regions and more general ones.

The Official members are nominated by the federation of architects from their respective countries to represent their organizations in the UIA/PHG. Together with the nomination a curriculum vitae of the nominated person must be sent to the Director in advance of the annual meeting.

The Associate members are nominated by an official member, together with a CV, in advance of a annual meeting. To become an associate member one has to have attended more than one annual seminar and to have personally presented at least one paper prior to nomination.

The Emeritus members are retired (official or associate) members, who wish to continue to get UIA PHG information.

Guests are persons who have attended at least one of the annual seminars. They are kept on the mailing list as persons interested in the UIA PHG. They form the group of potential associate members. They are of course invited as guests to attend the annual meetings. The minutes of the annual meeting is published on the web site.

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